Brad is a small business owner and enthusiast. He is the founder of an internet software company and also serves on the board of Startup Tri-Cities, a non-profit dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start and grow local businesses. He believes that we must ensure there is still room for the American Dream—for people to be able to create a meaningful life for themselves—and he worries that dream is slipping away for too many.

Brad Batt and familyBrad has one daughter, Ann Marie—a 2nd grader at Towne Acres Elementary. He is engaged to Jenny Morgan, who recently moved to Johnson City from Knoxville.

Brad’s beliefs are rooted in freedom and fairness for all. That everyone deserves the freedom to live their life to the fullest and that every person has the right to health care, to love who they want to love, and to equal justice under the law.

“Everyone in our community deserves the opportunity to better their own and their families lives. We must ensure social justice, racial justice, and economic justice for all—and we need elected officials who reflect those core moral values of our community.”